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Programma 400 ALU, the first line of bathroom equipment in Anodized Aluminium.



pba’s series of supports, complements, and accessories for the bathroom expands with Programma 400 ALU, its ultimate evolution. After using stainless steel, resin and copper, the line conceived for healthcare facilities, employs the pleasantness of the aluminium to enlarge its possibilities of application.

Aluminium is a smooth and durable material. Once a film of oxide forms on its surface thanks to the electrical and chemical process of anodizing, it becomes unalterable in times, resistant to hostile environments and abrasion-free in lighting- and abrasive-exposed locations.

pba prefers once more to pay particular attention to forms in order to strengthen substance. The theoretical intent is to show that design for all must start from the concept of “normality” to expand it at its most so that it includes everybody, with no exclusion.

From the will to create objects that due to their function are not intended for a particular user but for everybody, pba has developed and continues to privilege a very attentive look at aesthetics and at advanced technologies.

To prefer aesthetics is a question of ethics, especially in facilities like the ones for which the Programma 400 ALU is intended. We mean environments where beauty is often pulled-back, held-off, simplified by architecture. Environments where pragmatism is preferred, as if pragmatism couldn’t harmonize with beauty.

All accessories belonging to Programma 400 ALU have beautiful ergonomic forms and clean lines. The support is hidden in an essential and “democratic” design, perfect at the same time for healthcare facilities, private residences, public places, offices, restaurants, hotels, bars, boats and seaside locations.

The Programma 400 ALU is composed by fixed and lift-up safety supports, suspended and lift-up seats, curtain rails, mirrors, shelves and accessories available in two different finishes:

Light bronze coloured aluminium with supports and bends in metallic grey aluminium (accessories in grey nylon), or silver aluminium with supports and bends in in white aluminium (accessories in white nylon).

All elements are easy to install and according to the architect’s demand the final finishing could also be tailor-made. Because design can and must be high design in every place and Beauty can and must be accessible to all.


Download Catalogue PROGRAMMA 400-ALU