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Program 200F. The stainless steel around the biometric.



Starting from the study of the latest fingerprint reader pba has designed a new pull that combines innovation and instinct  in everyday life.

The new Program 200F integrates a Ekey Arte reader in a stylish stainless steel AISI 316L pull and this is just another confirmation of the company policy of focusing on evolution and research to design architectural accessories for barrier free environments. Ekey Arte is a biometric system which allows access entry by fingerprint. This solution, combined with our Italian design, grants high security in both private and working environments.

The Program 200F is the synthesis between shape and function, where beauty is not only the goal itself, but pure expression of that function assisting our daily lives.

Francesca Masiero,President of pba tells us the story behind this project:

“Whoever wants to be on the move has to listen to what the world wants to tell them.  Keeping up with the times means to be open to what is different and let yourself  be contaminated by it. This ability does not mean to be neutral or without personality, on the contrary it means being aware of what the world can offer you while staying true to yourself. The world always speaks about technology, and what was not important yesterday is essential today. And to understand what will be necessary tomorrow we can only listen to the world”.