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pba presents the newly-created shower rod with anti-suicide release system.


This unique device has been created due to the needs at assisted facilities such as mental health facilities, hospitals, and jails. Surveillance is the main word in these environments, involved in the tools, objects and forms that help users and personnel. pba has developed this project driven again by what is necessary to those whom live in these spaces. Because objects should be a support, not an obstacle, in daily activities.

If overloaded, the load level can be set, the device allows the release of one or more ceiling points of fixing on the curtain rod. pba mechanical systems keep the entire curtain rod from falling. In case of loads over the determined limit, the fall of the parts, those parts which avoid suicide attempts by releasing, is slow and controlled. Installing and hanging the curtain rod is easy and fast.

The project is again of the expression of pba belief that design is, and should be, always and only, design for all. Something that doesn’t identify a specific user, but only people to whom should be guaranteed without discrimination the access to excellence: aesthetic excellence, and in this case, technical excellence, and the thought to solve a problem. For pba, design can’t be dispensed only from listening, paying attention, and in respect of the world’s complexity, can’t show up only as pure formality.