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Pba is partner in the restoration project of the Royal Gardens of Venice and supports the Venice Gardens Foundation



The Venice Gardens Foundation, a nonprofit organization with headquarters in Venice, was founded in 2014 to restore, maintain and manage historic gardens and sites.

The Royal Gardens of Venice, situated between Piazza San Marco and the Bacino di San Marco, came into being during the Napoleonic occupation of the city when it was decided to house the Royal Palace in the Procuratie Nuove, a building on the south side of the piazza. Surrounded by water, the gardens cover an area of approximately 5,500 square meters, overlooked by the Correr Museum, the imperial chambers of the Royal Palace, the Archaeological Museum and the historic Marciana Library.

Cynthia Pre݁fointaine, Vista aerea dell'Area Marciana, Venezia, 2015

By promoting the work of artists and scholars, the Foundation will seek to explore and enlarge the vast metaphorical concept of “garden”. A garden that can be sown with new ideas, visions and sounds and will welcome contemporary idioms. A place of contemplation, silent entry into a world in which there is space for productivity and reflection, awareness that the earth’s resources are limited and can all too easily be damaged or destroyed. Even the closing words of Voltaire’s Candide on the importance of “tending one’s own garden”, have taken on new meaning in the light of the recent processes globalization which have inevitably created urgent problems for our planet. It is perhaps specifically from that garden that we need to recommence so that we are able to reflect on what is occurring and rediscover the knowledge and awareness that will enable us to face the transformations taking place around us.

Planimetria del restauro dei Giardini Reali, Venezia, 2017

Francesco Neri, La Coffee House - Il Padiglione del Caffe݀ dei Giardini Reali, Venezia, 2016