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pba at MEDICA 2014



pba’s Programma CU will be part of a ‘Copper Hospital’ at this year’s MEDICA taking place in Düsseldorf November 12th -15th  2014, Stand B03 Hall 14.

After being selected for the exhibition Copper in a box, at the Triennale di Milano in 2012, having been shown at the Medica fair in 2013 and at the Turin Science Weeks (May-June 2014), the elements of pba’s Programma CU are currently part of the exhibition Copper Crossings, Copper Shapes in Contemporary Art, Design, Technology and Architecture (at the Triennale di Milano from September 16th to November 9th, 2014). At this year’s edition of Medica, they will participate again demonstrating how using Antimicrobial Copper* medical equipment, furniture and fittings can enhance the possibilities of infection control.

Inside the stand equipped with Antimicrobial Copper elements, visitors will be invited to experience these innovative surfaces in a practical setting that simulates a patient room, with bathroom and a nurses’ station. pba’s Programma CU will be present with a selection of elements: the handle, the toilet brush set and the lift-up safety support. The line also includes accessories for door, pull-handles, safety bars & equipment, and other bathroom accessories.

Programma CU is conceived for clinical environments where it is necessary to reduce bacterial contaminations. It enhances the aesthetical excellence of copper, the power of the forms and its warm shades. Copper can be said to be beautiful and good. Aesthetics is the step that precedes ethics. It is ethical never to neglect the strength of beauty in any environment. To choose a material over another implies different possibilities. To bring the beauty of copper in spaces that need to be protected has practical consequences. Beauty has always positive effects.

*ANTIMICROBIAL COPPER CU+ is more than just a brand, it’s a term used to describe antibacterial products made of copper alloy. ANTIMICROBIAL COPPER products have broad-spectrum antibacterial properties, acknowledged and proven in laboratory tests, and confirmed in clinical trials. COPPER continuously reduces bacterial contamination in clinical environments and has excellent durability properties. Recent studies say that, for these reasons, it has demonstrated to be also a cost-effective solution since it offers payback based on the cost of infections prevented.