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The VAGUE handle is born from the collaboration between pba and the French AAD Architectures Anne Démians, for the project Les Dunes, Société Générale Val-de-Fontenay, a buildings complex for offices and multifunctional areas of 90.000 m2.

Francesca Masiero, pba President says: “VAGUE was and is the only shape that could be used at Les Dunes. Anne Demians has created an echo between the shapes, realizing a dialog. The only possible dialog: the one that reveals itself to talk about the other. Holding VAGUE it’s possible to recognize the resemblances with Les Dunes. The whole project is an invitation to search the references and to understand, all this grandiose project shows the human need to be understand.

According to architect Anne Demians “the four digit secret code to unlock the iPhone is like the key that opens your bedroom.

As its composition is the last gesture to half-close the sphere of its memory, in the same way the handle is still this amazing object that deprive the private space its unavailability limits. A simply pressure of a brave hand on the lever and the shielded place is open.

Sometimes VAGUE revels itself for its peculiar shape. In this case it appears a unique and exclusive object. This is how the curved part of the handle is born, citing the image of a wave, which the gentle bending of the stainless steel plate evokes, indeed, a sine curve with variable amplitudes. This wave defines- alone – the aesthetic of the handle, a pure and tense line, a slightly curled extremity, a snap-shot of a diagonal section of “Les Dunes”.

(Les Dunes Crédit photo JPPorcher)