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LIM (Less Is More, labor LIMe)



LIM (Less Is More, labor LIMe), born from the collaboration of pba, FRANKLIN AZZI DESIGN and designer Dimitri Sautier, reinterprets the industrial levers aesthetic codes, in particular the emergency check valve through a formal simplification of the form dear to the architect Franklin Azzi. The geometry of LIM thus makes it become an object of common use, a tool that seems the hand’s extension. The outcome is an elementary shape, with sharp aesthetic, where the architect keeps only the “strictly necessary”.

“Sometimes objects originate through subtraction. These are the ones which reveal our momentary intent of lightness. A will to fly without going too far. LIM is a point in continuous fluxes. The stainless steel is shaped according to moderation. Sight and the touch are invited to identify and divide the useful from what is unessential. The moment of beauty hinges on subtraction.

Less is more, nothing in excess, great is the restraint”.

Francesca Masiero, President pba S.p.A.

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In 2006, Franklin Azzi established his own firm in Paris – FRANKLIN AZZI ARCHITECTURE – where he builds and develops with his team a distinctive approach which: operates in a cross-disciplinary logic, relies on technical expertise, and considers each and every program and work, commissioned without bias. In 2008, FRANKLIN AZZI ARCHITECTURE received NAJA Programme (a French ministerial distinction acknowledging the quality of selected young architects – today called AJAP). The office has, for close to 10 years, been developing and designing projects from small to large scale, for individuals and institutions alike, and from new construction to renovation. In early 2014, he created FRANKLIN AZZI DESIGN in order to develop specific projects from the fields such as interior design, product design and furniture.

Interior architect and designer DIMITRI SAUTIER has worked closely with the Franklin Azzi agency to develop the LIM handle. Dimitri Sautier always worked in an interdisciplinary fashion. His work is the fruit of many collaborations. He moves between architecture, set design and industrial product design. His areas of particular interventions cover sectors of fashion, luxury as well as habitat, industrial applications and commercial facilities. For him, the techniques and the functions they perform are of fundamental aesthetic value. The project design, use of innovative materials, taking into account the specific constraints of a space and a context, the entire model development chain, use a large formal rigor, and assumed aesthetic recount. It offers diversion of established codes, a reinterpretation of a purified formal innovation of all artifice.