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pba’s Elica nominated for the 2014 Compasso d’Oro Award



After the Red Dot Award, the Elica handle has been honored with a new recognition by ADI – Associazione per il Disegno Industriale (Association for Industrial Design).

Published in the 2013 ADI Design Index, Elica competes for the selection for the appointment of  the upcoming Compasso d’Oro Award.

 The Award was created in 1954 by the Italian department store “La Rinascente” and then donated to ADI that has run it continuously since 1956. It is the most prestigious acknowledgment of quality for Italian design products, services, processes and systems. The Award created the largest Historical Collection of design, which was declared “heritage of particular artistic and historical interest” (D.M. 22/04/2004).

 ADI Design Index 2013 represents the third volume of the three-years cycle that collects the selected products that may participate to the next Compasso d’Oro Award. The annual selection is conducted according to a rigorous methodology of work and merit criteria by the ADI Design Permanent Observatory composed of more than 100 experts, organized into committees that operate on three different levels: regional committees, thematic committees and final selection committee.

 “The form of an object not only establishes its function, it also gives a clear indication of the designer’s view of the world. The designs we draw, the materials we choose to create for an object to be held a thousand times and more, are symbols that materialize from the thoughts of whom first imagined them. This means, that with creation, comes responsibility. Even more so, the forms we imagine, develop and produce for a ‘life without barriers’ can be considered a success only if they are understood to be for everyone to live in spaces comfortably and not for a particular category of user. We wish to make excellence accessible to all – even to those who can reach up easily”-

 - says Francesca Masiero, Vice President pba S.p.A., on Elica the stainless steel handle designed for pba by Jérôme Brunet of Paris studio Brunet Saunier Architecture that, thanks to its unique design, grants an excellent grip even for people with reduced hand mobility. The flat upper part with a generous surface area and curved ends avoids accidental hooking and makes vertical movements easier for people in wheelchairs.